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Magic City

Ekaterina Titova

Artist Locale:  Colorado, USA

Subject Matter:  Surreal, Bold, Vivid

Medium: Airbrush, Acrylic

About this Piece:

The painting “Magic City” ( Canvas 40×32 in., airbrush)  reflects a dive into the fantastical and surreal. I envisioned a city where the usual laws of physics and social norms do not apply—a place animated by mysterious creatures and unusual architecture.
Monsters Fall in Love

Artist Statement

I was born in Leningrad, Russia and spent my childhood surrounded by a rich cultural environment that fostered a deep appreciation for the arts. After completing my education at Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design and later St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, I earned both a specialist and master’s degree, respectively.

While searching for new ways to express myself artistically, I discovered a passion for airbrush style painting, which I found captivating due to its ability to create intricate and realistic designs. I decided to pursue this interest by enrolling in airbrush courses and developing my own unique style that blends traditional techniques with contemporary elements.

Octopus with flowers

As an acrylic painter, I specialize in creating strange and captivating characters that are both surreal and intriguing. My works often feature bold, vivid colors and intricate details that draw the viewer in, encouraging them to explore the complex worlds I’ve created.

In 2017, I moved to the United States, where I continue to create my art and explore new forms of expression. For me, art is a way of expressing myself and connecting with others, and I’m constantly inspired by the world around me.

Whether I’m painting, drawing, or experimenting with other mediums, I’m dedicated to pushing the boundaries of my creativity and sharing my unique vision with the world. I believe that art has the power to move people, and I’m honored to be able to contribute to this tradition in my own way.