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Girish Jamadagni_Three In One

First Light

Girish Jamadagni

Artist Locale: Singapore

Subject Matter: Wildlife

Medium: Photography

About this Piece:

The award winning picture titled “Three In one” was taken at Masai Mara National
Reserve, Kenya in Feb 2024. Girish has detailed how the picture was made, in his own
words. “We had a long day at the savannah without much luck as all the animals
seemed to have disappeared from the Mara national Park. As the day started to wind,
as a last resort we made our way to the famous Rongai lion pride territory to find
something to shoot. Sun was setting fast and light was diminishing quickly. We saw one
of the three male lions (famously called as Black Rock Boys – BRB) starting to climb a
mound. I quickly took few snaps. I always dreamed of shooting lions against a setting
sun. In a few moments, the second of the three came in to the frame. I was greedy and
wishing the third lions, which was nearby, also to come in to the frame. My wish was
granted and the third too came in to the frame albeit momentarily. I took as many shots I
could before the third one climbed down the mound. Technically it was a tough shot due
to the low light condition, and shooting against a slightly brighter background that
prevailed the situation. But I had my camera settings tight and my focus was spot on. I
am happy with the final picture as it does not require much post processing and depicts
the exact hues of the evening”.

Girish Jamadagni_Horizon

Artist Statement: 

Girish Jamadagni, is a control Automation engineer in the Oil and Gas industry, whose love for precision extends beyond the technical realm into the world of photography. With a keen eye for detail and an unquenchable curiosity, Girish has journeyed into the heart of nature armed with his camera. His lens captures not just images but moments frozen in time. Through his lens, Girish invites viewers to appreciate the delicate balance of nature and marvel at the engineering marvels found in the wild.

Punishing the dad
Punishing the dad
His award wining pictures are a testament to his dual life as an engineer and a wildlife photographer. Through stunning visuals Girish invites viewers to witness the beauty of the natural world through the lens of an engineer’s precision and an artists’ soul. The pictures are his tribute to the wild, that not only showcase the diversity of wildlife but also highlight the engineers eye for symmetry and balance. In his pictures Girish combines his engineering acumen with her passion for wildlife. To his credit, his coffee table book titled “Mesmerising Masai Mara” is getting released internationally in April 2024.
Girish Jamadagni_stripes