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Title: Waiting

Kristen Roskob

Artist Locale:  Arizona, USA

Subject Matter: Portraits

Medium: Graphite, Pastel

About “Waiting: Ever since she was a little girl, Kristen has always had a deep love for animals, especially cats. She has had at least one cat in her life since she was four years old. This drawing was based on a reference photo of her own rescue cat, Dante. This photo was begging to be drawn due to the lighting, expression, and detail in the scratch post.

Dante and his siblings were rescued by a local shelter from an apartment complex in a bad neighborhood. Thanks to this amazing rescue, he escaped the harsh feral life and now lives happily as an indoor kitty with his three other rescued brothers, Winston, Max, and Alister. Kristen Roskob is currently drawing all of them as part of a collection that will be available soon.

Dallas Green

“However, for the first time in her life she truly feels like she’s doing what she was always meant to do.”

Artist Bio

Mr Beel

Kristen Roskob is a self-taught photo-realistic portrait artist who lives southeast of Phoenix, Arizona. She loves capturing the expression and emotion of living beings. She is inspired by other artists, photographers,illustrators, as well as her own family. Her work consists of a combination of custom commissioned portraits and original fine art intended to inspire and provoke emotion.
Following a 15 year-long career in web development, Kristen is currently re-emerging into the art world. She became involved in art again after her chronic pain conditions became too much to manage in tandem with the high-stress work of IT Consulting. A full-time corporate job was no longer possible with her conditions, so she quit the corporate world and turned back to art. This became a fulfilling way to cope with the chronic pain and despair, while allowing her to regain the confidence she lost.
For the first time in her life, she truly feels that she is doing what she was always meant to do. That drives her to continue pushing and evolving her art while being an inspiration to others.