Still Life Art Exhibition - June 2023

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of still life art through our mesmerizing exhibition, where objects come to life with beauty and meaning. Our curated collection showcases the talents of renowned artists who have skillfully captured the essence of everyday objects, transcending their mundane existence and transforming them into captivating works of art. From vibrant floral arrangements to meticulously arranged tablescapes, each artwork tells a unique story, inviting you to explore the intricacies of composition, light, and texture. Discover the artistry and contemplative nature of still life through this extraordinary exhibition, where every brushstroke breathes life into the inanimate. Join us and experience the timeless allure of still life art at its finest.


Winning Artists

1st Place - Emily Valentine - Crisp and Tart - www.valentinefinearts.com

1st Place

Artist: Emily Valentine

Title: Crisp & Tart

Medium: Oil on canvas


2nd Place

Artist: Maxwell Miller

Title: The Tale of the Curious Oysters

Medium: Oil on Panel


3rd Place

Artist: Ludmila Popova

Title: Dreaming of the Ocean

Medium: Photography


Honorable Mention

Artist: Noah Gorlewski

Title: Crowded 

Medium: Photography


Artist: Yarden Ben Hamo

Title: Holly

Medium: Digital


Artist: Handy Beag

Title: Still Life Today 1

Medium: Oil on Canvas