Discover the Winning Masterpiece

Andreia Costa - The Light

“First Light”

Andreia Costa

Artist Locale:  Lisbon/Portugal

Subject Matter: Nature and Landscape

Medium: Photography

About the Winning Photograph:

The photograph that won 3rd place is another story of this journey.
In the heart of Indonesia is one of the most surprising landscapes we can see.
Admire the sunrise over the Bromo volcano and in the background we can see the Semeru volcano spewing smoke.
It’s a long journey until we reach the viewpoint that is in front of the volcanoes but it is without a doubt an image of another world.

End of The World

About the Artist

Andreia Costa is a travel, landscape and nature photographer, born in 1990, Lisbon, Portugal.
His basic training is in IT where he worked for a few years in multinational companies.
Right now focus on remote locations and traditions, embracing photography as a true passion.

Passionate about travel and photography, she travels the world looking for the best images to capture the beauty around her. Boosting your interest in untouched landscapes, remote destinations, decaying civilizations or ancient cultures.


The main objective is to capture, through photography, the grandeur that exists across planet Earth that highlights the power of everything that surrounds us.
Author of the book Lisboa Entre os Tempos, a project she developed about the city of Lisbon.
Merging the past and the present in the same image, thus creating a notion of the city’s evolution at a landscape, urban, architectural and temporal level.

Exploding Fire