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Dorothy McGuinness “Oasis”


Dorothy McGuinness

Artist Locale: WA, United States

Subject Matter: 

Medium: Watercolor paper, acrylic paint, waxed linen thread

About this Piece:

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Artist Statement

I took my first basket class in 1987 and I was hooked. I continued my exploration of basketry techniques and materials at The Basketry School, in the Fremont area of Seattle. The School became my home away from home. I enrolled in almost every class they offered, whether I could afford it or not. I was very lucky that my exploration of basketry coincided with the opening of the Basketry School.

 I enjoyed that resource for about 7 or 8 years and when it closed, Fishsticks (another basket school) opened north of Seattle and my basketry education continued.

It was just a great experience to have all the exposure to so many local, national and international teachers. The various techniques and materials they worked with were in my “back yard” so to speak.

 During this time I had the opportunity of working with Jiro Yonezawa, an internationally known Japanese basket maker, during the years he lived in the Northwest before his return to Japan. Later I had the chance to take a workshop at Fishsticks that was presented by Jackie Abrams where I finally found my medium of choice, watercolor paper.


After years of exploring the woven form, I have mastered the art of diagonal twill and mad weave, with which I create forms and structures not normally found in the basketry world. My medium for this unique work is watercolor paper, which I’ve painted and cut into uniform strips to achieve the precision I seek. Approaching my work as a puzzle drives me to discover new shapes and weaving innovations. I am also very much interested in the math and geometric constraints of the work. I am intrigued by the potential outcome of any new design. The evolution of my body of work is built on taking risks, and avoiding the “known”. The risks offer challenges, which often lead to new directions. This is the excitement that keeps me working in a repetitive medium.

I now live and weave in Everett, Washington.

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