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2nd place winner in the Landscape Art Competition for Blu Koi Gallery Michael Jewes Title: Calm Flow Website: https://www.instagram.com/mikejewes/

Calm Flow

Michael Jewes

Artist Locale:  United Kingdom

Subject Matter: Landscape

Medium: Photography

About this Piece: In November, as Polar Night approaches, the lighting in the far North of Norway is a photographer’s dream- an almost constant sunrise and sunset during the day, as the sun hangs low in the sky. During a recent trip, I elected to spend a day exploring Kvaløya island, near Tromsø. Whilst walking along the coastline admiring the peace and calm of my immediate surroundings, I spotted some snow-covered rocks poking out of the water. I decided these would be a prime candidate for some long exposure shots. After taking the shots, I noticed the back-and-forth motion of the ice floating on the surface of the fjord created a visual effect of a flow of water, despite there being no actual water movement of that kind in the vicinity. 

Aurora Road

Artist Statement: I’m a 34 year old hobby photographer from the United Kingdom. I discovered photography around 12 years ago, after being inspired by a photograph uploaded by a friend. Since then, I’ve been constantly striving to teach myself new photographic skills and improve my artwork with every click of the camera shutter.


Artist Bio

Michael (Mike) is a 34 year old hobby photographer, based on the South Coast of the United Kingdom. He holds a degree in International Relations, and works as a train driver. Most of his time is spent at work, but in his free time, he enjoys travelling to different places around the world, in search of wonderful scenery. He first picked up a camera back in 2013, after being awestruck by a simple photograph of a mountain, which a friend had posted on social media. Since then, he has learned most of his photographic skills via trial-and-error over the years, along with taking inspiration from various photography magazines. 
Going forward, Mike wishes to continue to improve and develop his photographic skills and personal style, along with taking some initial steps in establishing himself as an artist in the global photographic community. 
Michael Jewes"Sky Fire"