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Jeremie Karan “Cool Swamp Cooler”

Cool Swamp Cooler

Jeremie Karan

Artist Locale:  Texas, USA

Subject Matter: Geometric shapes in Industrial environments or Natural organic ones

Medium: Photography

About this Piece: “Cool Swamp Cooler” is an example of a skill I always want to sharpen, finding interesting subjects in unlikely places. I was arrested by the light glistening off the waving edges of this evaporative cooler, creating an abstract pattern that recedes into the light. The image’s spatial depth is emphasized through shallow depth of field. 

Photo of the evaporative cooler
Photo of the evaporative cooler

Artist Statement:

When I was 17, my graphic arts teacher introduced me to the art of photography. I remember being so intrigued by the marriage of the technical aspect and the imaginative possibilities of how to capture a subject. I remember even back then I was drawn to nature, patterns, and high contrast scenes. For the next 24 years I would occasionally practice the art, however a year and a half ago I became very intentional about pursuing photography as an art form.
No matter what I’m shooting, balance is what I strive for. Whether it be stark geometric shapes common in industrial environments, or natural organic ones, I aim for balance of weight and color. I’m especially drawn to industrial scenes and machinery with strong light and shadow, especially those with intriguing patterns or leading lines and textures.
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