March 2024

Figurative Virtual Art Exhibition

Welcome to the Figurative Art Exhibition, a showcase of artistic expressions that delve into the richness and essence of the human form. Our carefully curated collection features accomplished artists who have skillfully captured the beauty and complexities of the human figure. From intimate portraits to dynamic scenes, each artwork unfolds a distinct narrative. Join us in celebrating the diverse interpretations of figurative artistry, as we peer into the myriad expressions of the human experience through the eyes of talented artists in this captivating exhibition.

Winning Artists

1st Place

Riham ElSadany _ My Golden fish
Riham ElSadany “My Golden fish” Oil on Canvas @riham.elsadany

2nd Place

Denisa Prochazka “Warrior's Heart Wish” Clay https://www.denisa-sculpture.com

3rd Place

Kayley Jane Dykman “Hāpai”
Kayley Jane Dykman “Hāpai” oil on linen www.kayleyjaneart.com

Honorable Mention