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Alicia Thompson

Artist Locale:  CO, USA

Subject Matter:  Landscape, Abstract

Medium: Acrylic

About this Piece “Iridescent”: I have a great affinity for color- the effects it has on viewers and the sensations and emotions it can create and emote. Many times, I start a painting by creating a sky by playing with the  application of color in bold, blocky brushstrokes. By shifting the shades, tints, and levels of  saturation in the colors, I play with the mood and effects of the painting. Iridescent started out  this way, and I quickly realized this was not going to turn into a landscape. The bright, dramatic  mood I was creating was extremely playful, and spirited so I leaned into that feeling and  thought of neon lights, game boards, video games, and animated energy inspired by childhood.  The spheres in varying colors and sizes seemed a natural addition and helped emphasize the  vivacious feeling the painting was imparting.

Full Glory
Full Glory

Artist Statement: I have lived in Colorado my entire life and grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I  received a BFA in painting as well as an Art Education degree, and for the past two decades I have taught art in public schools to students ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade. I have  always felt that painting was an essential part of my self-care routine, but about five years ago I decided to expand my professional art making and am now connected to and show regularly at  several Denver area galleries.

Alicia Thompson_Radiant View
Radiant View

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