Sara Grunblatt Solo Exhibition

Artist Locale: New Jersey, USA

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


Artist Statement

Each time I approach my workspace with the intent to create, my mind leads me to a central theme: the city and the juxtaposition of urban life and nature. Growing up, I was always fascinated by the idea of the city. I lived close to New York City: the template for living amongst the like-minded, for chasing your dreams, and to, most importantly, for the “grind-never-stops” mindset. In more recent years, I learned to slow down, to appreciate nature, and to appreciate the Earth. While my fascination with this lifestyle was prevalent when I was a child, it has transitioned to quite the opposite. Because of this, a lot of my work expresses my inner child longing for the lifestyle that the city holds, as well as my current state, longing for a quiet way of living and the realization that urban imperfection results in the destruction of the Earth.

Artist Bio

Hello! My name is Sara Grunblatt and I’m an independent artist from NJ. I have a bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering from the University of Pittsburgh, but I spent four years in college studying something I didn’t truly enjoy. Within the past few months, I made the decision to stray away from engineering and start my own business. It’s been a hard 12 months but looking back, I would not have wanted it to work any other way. I’ve been drawing for most of my life, which expanded to painting, design, and some photography. In recent months I have opened my own LLC, participated in numerous art shows around New Jersey, and started taking graphic design classes online. I continue to learn every day and am so thankful to be able to communicate my ideas through art.