Wild & Tamed Art Exhibition - October 2023

Prepare to embark on a journey into the hearts of both the wild and the tamed, where art comes together for a noble cause. Our Wild and Tamed Virtual Art Exhibition is a celebration of the diverse and often enchanting world of animals, wildlife, and their human companions. This exhibition is not only an artistic spectacle but also an endeavor to support the KC Pet Project. This organization is dedicated to transforming the lives of pets and their owners. As we showcase the artistry that celebrates the untamed spirit of nature and the bonds between humans and their animal companions, we invite you to be a part of this meaningful initiative. Your participation not only enriches the world with creativity but also extends a helping hand to our furry friends in need.

Winning Artists

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Sean Owens - Magnificent The Leopard - Photography
Sean Owens

Title: Magnificent The Leopard


Website: https://www.instagram.com/seanowenswildlifephotography/
Debbie McCulliss - Polar Bear at the Edge of the Ice - Face Mount
Artist: Debbie McCulliss

Title: Polar Bear at the Edge of the Ice

Medium: Face Mount

Website: https://www.debbiemccullissphotography.com
Ludmila Popova - Dreamer - Photography
Artist: Ludmila Popova


Medium: Photography

Website: https://lphotoart.us/

Merit Award

Artist: Pam Blevens Title- Golden Lion Tamarin
Artist: Pam Blevens

Title- Golden Lion Tamarin

Medium- Oil

Size- 20” x 20”

Price- $400

Website- https://www.instagram.com/pamblevens/
Christine O'Dell-Ferguson "Devotion "
Artist- Christine O'Dell-Ferguson

Title- Devotion

Medium- Acrylic

Dimensions- 18x24 Inches

Website- https://odellfergusonstudios.com
Artist- Vetri Duraiswamy Title- Embracing Ingenuity
Artist- Vetri Duraiswamy

Title- Embracing Ingenuity

Medium- Photography

Website- https://instagram.com/vetriduraisamy?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

Honorable Mention

Artist- Cathy Boytos Title-Gentle Giant
Artist- Cathy Boytos

Title-Gentle Giant

Medium-Colored Pencils

Size- 9x12

Website: https://www.instagram.com/cathyboytos_art/
Artist-Jovan Bethel; Title- Allowed Dogs, Yes
Artist-Jovan Bethel

Title- Allowed Dogs, Yes

Medium- Acrylic-Oil Based

Size- 30x40

Price- $1500

Website: https://www.protejaystudios.com

Artist- Katherine Zymbroy; Title- Ready to Roll
Artist- Katherine Zymbroy

Title- Ready to Roll

Medium- Acrylic on stretched canvas

Size- 18x24

Email: kzymbroy@hotmail.com
Artist- Tina Satpathy; Title- Adorned in ornaments
Artist- Tina Satpathy

Title- Adorned in ornaments

Medium- Watercolor

Size- 21x30in

Price- $50
Artist: Bonaventure Ogbaugo; Title: Golden Eagle
Artist: Bonaventure Ogbaugo

Title: Golden Eagle

Medium:Digital Drawing

Size- 18x24

Price- 75

Website: https://www.ogprecisionart.com/

Artist- Rosemary Chase; Title- American Vogue
Artist- Rosemary Chase

Title- American Vogue

Medium- Quilt Paper Acrylic

Size- 30x40x1.5in

Price- $1875

Website: https://www.onevoicebydesign.com/

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