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Sina Ritter - Prism Break

Prism Break

Sina Ritter

Artist Locale:  Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Subject Matter: Marine Life, Underwater, Ocean Conservation

Medium: Photography

About “Prism Break”:

Capturing this photo of a hawksbill sea turtle ascending towards the shimmering surface of the Red Sea required patience, respect for the turtle’s space, and a careful positioning to capture the turtle’s ascent without interference. These turtles are hard to come by. They’re critically endangered and seeing one is always special, even in places like the Red Sea where they were once very common. In order to convey the hopeful spirit of this encounter, I decided to emphasize the play of natural light and frame the scene with the surrounding reef. I had to be careful not to block its path or scare it away, while also keeping myself steady against the current that was pushing me around. But after watching the turtle and seeing how it moved for a while, I could anticipate its route and manage to position myself just right. The reef made a natural frame around the turtle, and as it moved upwards, the light from above hit the water, creating colorful rays that seemed to highlight the bright path ahead, both for the turtle and for our collective conservation efforts.

Dolphin Dreams

Artist Statement:

Sina Ritter is an award-winning underwater artist and dedicated ocean advocate. Growing up in the countryside of landlocked Germany, she always yearned for the mystery of the ocean. This longing would eventually steer her towards a life as an oceanic nomad. Together with her husband and partner Fabian, she´s exploring the ocean’s hidden gems, connecting with diverse cultures, and documenting the diverse beauty of marine environments across the globe. Her life as an oceanic nomad is not just adventurous but a mission to bridge the gap between humanity and the raw wilderness of the oceans, highlighting their vital role in sustaining life on Earth.

Sina´s journey into photography began during her academic years, when she found solace and inspiration in nature during extended travels. Initially capturing a whole spectrum of natural beauty, from majestic landscapes over vast aerial views to terrestrial wildlife portraits, her focus gradually shifted towards the element that fascinated her the most: water, in all its forms. This shift was not just thematic but overall life-changing, marking the beginning of her immersion into ocean and underwater photography and into a life with the ocean as her number one priority.

Azure Harmony

In each of her pieces, Sina aims to make the viewer not only see what´s (still) there, but truly feel the underwater world. Sina´s unique approach – her keen eye for composition, storytelling and meticulous editing – distinguishes her work in the realm of marine photography. With her unique blend of advocacy and artistry she seeks to evoke the same wonder and empathy she feels, aiming to inspire a wave of conservationist action through her visual poetry. Her dedication to showcasing the ocean’s majesty and advocating for its preservation makes Sina Ritter a true ambassador of the deep.

Sina’s work is available as limited edition fine art prints. All sales from these prints support ocean conservation foundations, contributing to the preservation of marine life and coastal ecosystems worldwide. Additionally, earnings are reinvested into funding future projects, enabling Sina to continue her vital work of exploration, documentation and advocacy.


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